Square straight steel pole

Square straight steel poles are widely used in USA.Ningbo Xinglaida Lamps CO., LTD. Has been manufacturing and exporting square straight steel poles to America since 2008.Over 10,000pcs of poles are installed there.


Pole shaft fabricated from standard 11 gauge(3mm) steel.Material is welded grade hot rolled commercial quality carbon steel with a minimum yield strength of 55,000 psi(380Mpa).Each section has a full length longitudinal resistance weld and is uniformly square in cross-section.

Mounting height

10-39 feet

Handhole size

3x5 inch

Standard accessory

Base cover

Powder coating finishes

White, Sandstone, Black, Med Bronze, Dark Bronze and etc,custom finishes available on request.

Mounting drilling:

Drilling pattern must be supplied at time of order.


Nut cover, Anchor bolts, Bullhorns available on request


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